We aid healthcare companies in processing insurance claims and billing.

Processing and submitting claims to insurance companies are essential processes in the healthcare industry. The Emerald Empowerment Group provides outsourced medical billing services to help facilities ensure they receive proper compensation for rendering their services to insurance beneficiaries. Our professionals also understand the intricacies of the insurance industry’s regulations, so you can focus more on improving your facility’s patient care delivery. With our support, we will ensure to bill each patient accurately to prevent your business from generating less revenue.

Our Medical Billing services encompass the following responsibilities:

  • Reviewing patient bills
  • Checking the accuracy of your business’s revenue cycle
  • Integrating a medical billing software
  • Identifying potential reimbursements and when to expect them to arrive
  • Implementing payment plans
  • Providing regular management reports

Let Us Assist You in Achieving Your Goals!

Our consultants find purpose in seeing our clients succeed in the healthcare industry. If you have further inquiries about how we can help your healthcare business improve holistically, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.