The Emerald Empowerment Group

At The Emerald Empowerment Group, we have over 25 years of healthcare experience. Our consultants have managed hundreds of healthcare professionals, and we are well-versed in creating sustainable processes. Our consultants know medical claims billing, claims auditing, and claims processing. We have managed home health agencies and facilitated group and individual training. Through seeking our help, we hope to become your healthcare facility’s stepping stone for achieving long-term growth and success in the industry.

The Purpose We Uphold in Our ActionsOur Mission Statement

To empower high-performance teams to consistently deliver solutions that support client objectives that go above and beyond expectations.

Outdoor Portrait Of Medical Team
Young female medical student and professor standing indoors

The Goal We Aspire to AcquireOur Vision Statement

To partner with clients and maintain life-long relationships and sustainable growth by providing extensive services centering on delivering value-added solutions.